In 2018 I started on a personal journey of weight loss, health and wellness, and living a creative life, and I decided that braving all of that from a relatively isolated small town in Texas was a lot like living in a bunker after the apocalypse hit, which seemed like a really amusing metaphor at the time.

Then the apocalypse hit. Figuratively and literally. My wife lost her battle with ovarian cancer. I was a prime candidate for a cardiac event, or worse. I had one hope, and that was to throw myself completely into undoing the damage I’d done to myself in the last two decades. That I set about doing this mid-Pandemic, amid my grief, is a testament to either my bravery or my stupidity. Probably both.

My life changes are sweeping and ongoing, and throughout all of it, I’m still blogging about it, writing stories and making games, going to science fiction conventions as a regional guest, and running a movie theater in my small Texas town. I’ve also got an affable pit bull named Sonya that I like to talk about.

This newsletter is my weekly “proof of life” check-in with my friends, family, and fans, as I share pieces and parts of my life with you, along with timely movie and TV reviews to help navigate the seemingly endless entertainment options that quarantine living has foisted upon us.

In 2022, I’ll be launching a podcast: The North Texas Apocalypse Watch and Family Fun Hour (a 30-minute program), wherein I’ll undertake an affectionate examination of small town living in the middle of a post-apocalyptic landscape struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy.

But, why would I…?

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Toldja. Meet Sonya, the Bunker Mascot. She loves you, too.

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Mark Finn

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